Pricing policy :

*The new policy is effective as ofer November 1st, 2023

The BALSAC project is a non-profit research infrastructure dedicated to multidisciplinary population research. The sole purpose of BALSAC's fee policy is to ensure that it continues to fulfill its mission of service to the scientific community. All funds raised are devoted to maintaining the infrastructure, updating data, developing new functionalities and remunerating the staff in charge of serving researchers. The BALSAC steering committee is also committed to promoting access to data and the democratization of research. Any researcher or student for whom these fees could represent an obstacle to the pursuit of their work is invited to contact us to discuss a personalized payment arrangement.

A flat fee of 500 $ for Quebec researchers and 1000 $ for researchers outside Quebecwill be charged for all new access requests. This fee includes the cost of opening the file and administrative management of the request. Any request requiring additional work will be billed at an additional hourly rate of $100/hour. In addition, a 15% fee will be added by UQAC to the final invoice.

For requests concerning genealogical reconstitution or data matching, a fee will be added to the lump sum to cover the work carried out by the research assistants. These fees will be based on the hourly rate for research assistants at UQAC.

Please note that the lump sum is not charged to researchers from universities that are signatories to theEntente relative au projet BALSAC, i.e. UQAC, Université de Montréal and Université Laval.