Frequently asked questions from the public

Can I put my genealogical information in the BALSAC file and thus contribute to the progress of the research?

At this time, the BALSAC Project is not in a position to collect data from the public. However, efforts are being made in this direction and we are working on different solutions to eventually involve the public in the development of the file.

Can I get information about my genealogy from the BALSAC file?

Unfortunately, the mandate of the BALSAC Project is to serve the needs of the scientific community, meaning that access is only granted to researchers affiliated with recognized teaching and research institutions. Also, due to privacy constraints, data dissemination is governed by strict policies.

Can I withdraw my participation in a research project?

If you have been recruited for a research project for which you have been asked to provide personal genealogical data, it is always possible to withdraw. You should refer to the information and consent form you signed and make a specific request to the researcher who contacted you. Note, however, that genealogical data is never destroyed; it is the link between your genealogy and the project that is destroyed, which automatically removes you from the study.

How can I access the data in the BALSAC file?

Access, which is reserved for researchers only, must be made by means of an access request form. Please refer to the Data Access section.