The Researcher Service provides front-line research assistance. One of the main functions of this service is to ensure that access requests are routed and executed in accordance with the provisions of the Policy on Access to BALSAC Data for Research Purposes. The Researchers' Service is responsible for organizing student visits and internships at the BALSAC Project. It is also mandated to respond to general requests for information from the public.

The Researcher Service offers technical and professional assistance to individuals wishing to use, extract or analyze data from the BALSAC file for research purposes. The services provided can range from the development of a specific corpus of data for a research project to more or less detailed analyses, depending on the researchers' needs.

The Researcher Service also provides assistance to people who wish to use GENLIB, a library of genealogical analysis functions that provide descriptive measures (completeness, average genealogical depth, etc.), demogenetic measures (genetic contribution of ancestors, consanguinity, kinship, etc.), graphical representations and statistical tests from genealogies.