Balsac offers genealogical reconstruction services for academic research projects. These reconstructions are based on a set of subjects that are provided by the researcher and that constitute the starting points of the genealogies.

The following parameters must be provided in order for the protagonists of a research project to be retained as starting points for a genealogy:

  • Subject's first and last name;
  • Date of birth of the subject;
  • Surname and first name of at least one parent of the subject*;
  • Parent's date of birth or marriage.

* If only one parent is named, the first and last name of that parent's parents (i.e. the subject's grandparents) must also be provided.

BALSAC database exhaustively covers marriages recorded in the Catholic registers of Quebec up to 1965. Therefore, genealogical reconstructions that contain individuals born or married more recently may take longer and sometimes prove unsolvable. To better understand the coverage of the data, you can refer to the DataReconstructions are done according to a biological parentage logic so when an individual is adopted, the lineage is interrupted.

It is possible to do genealogical reconstruction by family pedigree.For these researches, the following parameters must be added to the request, in addition to those named above:

  • The family identifier;
  • The family relationships between the applicants.