How to mention the use of ERRQ data for publications ?

Data access statement from ERRQ data through BALSAC research service

Access to the ERRQ data used for this work was provided to the BALSAC Project Researchers' Service, which is responsible for managing and accessing the genetic and genealogical data associated with the cohort.

How to obtain a DOI related to my dataset

As of December 2021, BALSAC allows to deposit researcher’s datasets on the Dataverse platform. This open-source platform allows for the preservation, sharing, citation, search, and analysis of research data. If publication requirements ask you to provide a DOI, please contact the BALSAC Researcher Services ( We will be happy to deposit your dataset unto BALSAC-Dataverse .

Brief description of ERRQ

The Quebec Regional Reference Sample (ERRQ) consists of genomic samples coupled with pedigree data, collected by the laboratory of Professor Damian Labuda at the CHUSJ Research Centre in collaboration with Hélène Vézina, director of the BALSAC project at UQAC. Two types of data were generated from this genomic sample bank: 1) genetic genotyping data for 823 individuals from 6 regions: Gaspésie, Côte Nord, Quebec City and surrounding areas, Montreal and surrounding areas, Abitibi, Outaouais; and 2) pedigree data produced using the BALSAC file during the initial research project. No phenotypic data were collected and this cohort is free of medical bias.