Allele Frequency Database


Funded by the Quebec Network of Applied Genetic Medicine and the Grand Défi Pierre-Lavoie Foundation, the Allele Frequency Database for the French Canadian Population (BDFAQ) integrates whole genome sequencing data (WGS), whole exome sequencing (WES) and targeted sequencing. The user can browse the data of BDFAQ through several search filters that allow to prioritize the display of certain genetic variations using snpEff and the set of recently updated databases of the version b37 / hg19 of the human genome.


The raw sequences were regrouped within the Calcul Québec infrastructures used for data production. In order to standardize the data and minimize the batch effect that may be caused by different sequencing conditions, only those sequences that met our quality criteria were analyzed using a single, standardized workflow. Aggregated frequencies are presented to allow appropriate control of genomic studies of the French Canadian population.

We thank the following researchers for sharing their data:

Patrick Cossette, University of Montreal
Jacques Michaud, Ste-Justine University Hopital Center
Guy A. Rouleau, Montreal Neurological Institute

To consult a beta version of BDFAQ